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Custom Lighted Letters & Logos

Get custom light up signs and letters to boost your business 24/7. Choose indoor or outdoor illuminated signs in any style, size and lighting option.


Best Sign Solutions

3D Illuminated Signage

If you're looking for the best way to elevate your business, an LED sign might be perfect for you.

Exposed Neon Channel Letter

Say goodbye to the frustrations of working with glass, and choose from the widest available range of faux neon.

Custom Business Lightbox

Our lightboxes are perfect for any retail or shop setting, give your business a modern and unique appearance.


Reliable Signage Supplier


Orders directly from manufacturers to reduce intermediate expenditure. Buy high-quality custom signs with more reasonable price.


We provide you with high quality signs produced by our experienced technicians using advanced machine and high quality raw materials.

Lead Time

Depending on the type and quantity of ordered signage products, we generally need about 7 business days to complete the signs production.


Mostly use DHL or FedEx door to door delivery, which need about 3-5 days delivery time. Also use air freight or sea shipment which is cheaper but longer.


Provided with 1:1 layout template, stud bolts, nuts, installation diagram and other installation accessories per the needs of the customers.


Provided free one year non-human damage limited warranty, and also provides 2-5 years limited warranty policy with enrollment fees.


Looking for ways to get your business noticed? Think big. Professional business signs help cut through the noise in busy settings – whether you have a store on a bustling street or a booth at a trade show. We are fast and flexible in adapting to the market place and customer needs.


If you have any additional questions about the signs or our services, feel free to contact with us.

Yes, we can design it for you according to the effect you want it to be.
You can send the details of your design to our email or whatsapp our online customer service.
Depending on the type and quantity of ordered signs, we generally need about 7 business days to complete the production. We use the DHL or FedEx door to door delivery service by default, which need about 3-5 days for the delivery. So the lead time would be about 12 business days.
Our signs products are waterproof and weatherproof. If you are concerned about this, please let us know the climate characteristics of your area, such as strong sunlight or heavy rain, so that we can provide targeted protection measures.
We use the DHL door to door delivery by default, also use the FedEx, UPS, and TNT etc. Once your signage ships, we will send you the waybill number so that you can track the cargo.
We are signage manufacturers in China, do not have any office out of China, so very sorry if the installation job is out of China we can’t finish it. But we do have some business partner in USA, Canada, Australia and Europe, if you can’t find the installer, we will try to help you to find one.
We provide one year free replacement to non-human damaged signs. We will produce and ship to customers for free.